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TDOT Regional TIMS Training

Region 1: Knoxville, TN

Region 2: Chattanooga, TN

Region 3: Nashville, TN

Region 4: Jackson, TN

The National TIM Responder Training Program was created as part of SHRP2, which was authorized by Congress in 2005 to investigate the underlying causes of highway crashes and congestion in a short-term program of focused research. The TIM training program was designed to establish the foundation for and to promote consistent training of all responders to achieve the three objectives of the TIM National Unified Goal (NUG):

•Responder Safety
•Safe, Quick Clearance
•Prompt, Reliable, Interoperable Communications

The National TIM Responder Training Program was developed and reviewed by professionals from all responder disciplines and those disciplines are the target audience for the training.

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