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Become a Member


There are three categories of membership available in T.A.R.S. :

Active Unit Membership: This category is limited to emergency service organizations whose primary focus is rescue related.

Associate Membership: This category is open to other emergency agencies or organizations who may provide some rescue service as a secondary service or otherwise supports T.A.R.S. objectives and goals.

Sustaining Membership: This category is open to manufacturers, vendors, or other concerns who wish to pledge their support to T.A.R.S.

More detailed information is available from our State Office regarding membership opportunities. Please feel
free to write or call the STATE OFFICE for further information.

2906 Tazewell Pike - Suite C

Knoxville, TN 37918
Phone: 865-689-3256  Fax: 865-688-7015
E-mail: or use our contact page

The Tennessee General Assembly established and funded a State Office for T.A.R.S. in 1971. The State Office

serves as a communications and record hub for the organization. Handling logistics for our State meetings, conducting legislative efforts, and acting as a liaison between T.A.R.S. and other State Emergency Organizations are important functions of our State Office as well. 

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