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Grain Bin Safety/Rescue Awareness Level Course - 8 Hr. Course

July 12-13, 2024

Drury Plaza Hotel, 1874 N. McEwen Dr.

Franklin, TN 37067

Bringing Purpose From Pain - The Legacy of Shawn Hudson Corum

July 13, 2024

Drury Plaza Hotel, 1874 N. McEwen Dr.

Franklin, TN 37067


Pre-Registration is Required to Attend

Grain Bin Rescue

This course is specifically designed for emergency responders who may respond to a person or persons trapped in a grain bin or at a grain handling or storage facility.  This course will educate students about grain storage facility types, operating features, construction and hazards to responders. Physical/environmental hazards and potential rescue resources are identified and targeted specifically for entry into grain bins. Scene management and safety are discussed along with locating, securing, packaging, and moving the victim. Improvised mechanical advantage systems, high point anchors, and retrieval systems will be demonstrated. This class takes a deep dive into safe patient assessment, stabilization, protection/packaging, and removal as a part of rescue simulations. Upon completion of this course the student will possess the specialized knowledge to function as a member of a grain rescue team conducting rescue and entry operations at a grain storage facility. 


Course Length: 16 hours (Grain Bin Operations) or 8 hours (Grain Bin Safety/Rescue Awareness)

CEHs: 10


Pre-requisites: None


Required PPE: NFPA approved structural firefighting gear or extrication jumpsuit / technical rescue gear, helmet, secondary eye protection, leather type gloves or extrication type gloves, hard sole shoes preferably steel toe or any NFPA approved type boot.



Awareness Level Course (8 hour) - No Charge

Grain Bin Rescue Course (16 hour)

TARS Full Unit Member: $85 per student

TARS Associate Member: $150 per student

Non-TARS Member: $200 per student

Note: All registrations received up to two weeks prior to the start date of the class will be at the normal pricing. Any registration received during the period two-week period prior to the start date of the course will incur an additional $20 processing fee regardless of member, associate member, or non-member registration.

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