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Advanced Trench Rescue Course


The Advanced Trench Rescue course is designed to impart knowledge and develop skills in order to build upon skills and knowledge previously learned in the basic trench rescue course. Advanced Trench Rescue covers the more advanced designs of trenches with “T” and “X” type trenches. Also, the use of mechanical shoring devices and other techniques and equipment available to deal with these type incidents are covered in this course. This course is taught on a regional basis by TARS certified college level instructors.


Course Length: 20 hours

CEHs: 10



Trench Rescue Awareness

Basic Trench Rescue I Course

Required PPE:

-ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009 (Class E, Type I) Approved Helmet or Construction type hard hat

-ANSI Z87.1+ Approved Eye protection

-Long pants

-Hard sole shoes preferably steel toe

-Leather gloves or extrication type gloves

Tools Required:

-Hammer - minimum 16oz

-Nail apron

-Tape measure (Minimum 25 ft.)

-Pencil and some type of small writing pad



TARS Full Unit Member: $85 per student

TARS Associate Member: $150 per student

Non-TARS Member: $200 per student

Note: All registrations received up to two weeks prior to the start date of the class will be at the normal pricing. Any registration received during the period two-week period prior to the start date of the course will incur an additional $20 processing fee regardless of member, associate member, or non-member registration.

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