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Training the heroes of tomorrow.... TODAY

The Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads is an Association of Life Saving, Rescue, and First Aid Units with members organized, trained, and equipped for various types of rescue and first aid work.

The Association works for better recognition of organized Rescue and First Aid activities through organizations, government officials, agencies, and departments, on community and state levels. Membership in T.A.R.S. gives each of us direct participation in promoting this greater understanding and recognition of the organized rescue and first aid movement.

What's New: August 3, 2023

The TARS 68th Annual Convention and Training Event will be held October 6-7th , 2023 at the Music Road Hotel and Convention Center in Pigeon Forge, TN.

We are still finalizing plans, events, dates and times at present, however, registration is now open for currently scheduled classes, convention, Thursday night dinner, and the EMS Symposium under the 2023 Convention tab.

Training News:

For a list of the most current classes scheduled, please click the link below:

The 2023 Training Calendar is a floating calendar and constantly in the works. We have had several requests for agency only courses and are still scheduling some classes that were postponed in 2022. 

As offered last year, we will continue to offer certain prerequisite courses online. Instructor Methodology is being offered seperate from the Instructor I offerings for EVOC and Awareness/Operations Vehicle Rescue. Swift Water Rescue Awareness is also being offered independent of Swift Water Rescue I. Both courses are pre-requisite classes to enter the Instructor I disciplines or Swift Water Rescue I courses respectively.


In the meantime, if your department is interested in hosting a College Level Course in 2023, please email with your course request.



Dependent on registration numbers, unsafe weather conditions, or potential host agency issues, all Rescue College classes are subject to postponement and/or reschedule. All students will be advised via their registration email address at least 7-10 days prior to the start date of the class of any changes/cancellations.

B. Robinson

State Training Coordinator

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