Instructor Information

Instructor Information

Added April 22, 2010

The training committee has met and discussed some changes that are needed for the EVOC and VKF classes. The following modifications are to clarify CEU's given on the certificates and cards.

Class                                CEU’s

EVOC                               1

EVOC-Recert                    0.8

EVOC/BBP                        1

EVOC/BBP Re-cert            0.8

EVOC/VKF                        1

EVOC/VKF Recert              0.8

EVOC/VKF/ BBP                1

EVOC/VKF/BBP Re-cert     0.8

VKF                                  0.3

VKF/BBP                         0 .3

This is to clarify that the participant has only taken what the card is showing. The ones that have a card with EVOC/VKF and only taken VKF that they have taken a EVOC class also.


To:          All Instructors

From:    Training Committee

Date:     November 2, 2009

Ref:        Classes

CC:         Rusty Williams, State Officers

Dear Instructor,

                  Being an instructor is a very important and commendable resource, to not only your individual unit, but you are also a very important link in the T.A.R.S. curriculum of classes. Without instructors in organizations teaching and promoting the classes, we are failing not only the individual members but also the units and the Association.  Squad level training classes that are taught with rosters and fees turned in, is a large portion of income that supports the training program for your Association. It has come to the attention of the Training Committee that there are instructors that are not teaching classes after becoming an instructor. We the training committee feel, that as an instructor, you should be teaching and promoting the classes that you are eligible to teach. In order for our training program to continue and be successful, the Training Committee has placed into effect some changes that will be taking place effective April 1st, 2010 for our squad level instructors.

  1. Any instructor that has not taught a class or turned a class roster in, within two years of being certified or re-certified will no longer be eligible to stay an instructor.
  2. Any instructor that is caught teaching a class and not turning in fees and rosters to the state office will be dismissed as an instructor immediately.
  3. Rosters are to be submitted either online or to the State Office within thirty days of completion of class. 
  4. Fees for classes must be mailed in within thirty (30) days of class roster being filled out online.


There are approximately five thousand people that are certified in various classes taught by instructors from our organization each year. Each of these people and classes come through the state office for rosters, certificates, etc. We appreciate all of our instructors that are teaching classes and turning in the paperwork and money on a timely basis. Please remember, for any class that you teach, the paperwork and fees have to be turned in, in order for the class to be certified and your instructor’s liability insurance to be in effect. Please make a note of the above rules and keep them in mind as we go forward in the future.

Thank You,

John Weaver                                                                                                    
State Vice-President
Chairman of Training Committee